Book description:

Caden is a loner with a tragic past. Distrusting and cynical, he survives on his own by staying anonymous and avoiding the government known as the Coterie. All around him is the broken world of Uloria: a once brilliant civilization that was ravaged by events collectively referred to as the Fall. This was the time when Ulorians found that the human brain had limitations, that an Intellectual Ceiling existed which would end all medical, scientific or technological discoveries. After the Intellectual Ceiling was reached, society descended into the dark ages as people began to devalue the pursuit of knowledge all together. And when the Plague swept Uloria, the best scientists could do was create an antigen known as Plerafin to suppress the deadly, flesh-eating disease.

Although the Fall transpired over a hundred years ago, Caden sees its effects everyday. Schools are a thing of the past. Cities wrought with violence limp on in a crumbled, ruined state. And the Coterie kills freely under the guise of restoring order. Without any hope that Uloria will change, Caden lives for two things: to survive, and to find his kidnapped twin sister. So when a Cabal revolutionary named Eeda asks him to help her on a mission, Caden has no problem turning her down. That is, until he’s promised information that could lead to his sister.

Soon, Caden is pulled deeper into the Cabal’s plans. Eventually he joins Eeda and a motley crew of rebels, consisting of a proud militia captain, an unscrupulous mercenary, a simple innkeeper and an assassin-turned-priest. Together, the group embarks on a mission to find a man whose outlandish claims could tip the scales in the Cabal’s favor. And before it’s over, Caden will have to learn how to control mysterious, new abilities he’s recently discovered and decide what’s more important: finding his sister, or changing the world.