How did you become a writer?

I first became interested in writing when I was a middle school teacher. I loved books, but never really thought about writing myself until I started teaching it. Soon I fell in love with language, the ability to connect with readers and the creativity writing gives you. In my final year of teaching, I started writing my first novel. Working on this made me realize that I wanted to write full time. So, I unplugged from teaching and began pursuing writing jobs. This led me to my current gig writing for Progressive.

Besides writing, what are some of your other interests?
I love to run. When the sun is out and the wooded trails are calling, there are few places I’d rather be. I also love following soccer. I’m an avid Everton and Seattle Sounders fan. Football also has a special place in my heart, but only when it involves the Seahawks. Beyond that, I love spending time with my family, hiking, reading (of course!), and playing immersive open world video games—when I have time.

You seem to like Seattle a lot. What’s that about?
I grew up on the West Coast. After attending college in Seattle, I stuck around for many years before moving to the Midwest. I’m Northwest to the core—from my coffee addiction and love of the outdoors, to my fascination with technology and interest in indie music.

How tall are you?

What’s the best thing about being tall?
The ability to see over crowds.

And the worst thing?
Living in a world that wasn’t designed for your height. I’ve had to get used to scrunching my body like an accordion to navigate most cars, airplanes, buses, doorways, houses, etc. And don’t get me started about clothes shopping…

What’s your spirit animal?
No idea.

Who is your favorite author?
Charles Dickens. I know, I know…he’s old school. But seriously, people. He’s poignant, relevant, powerful, and surprisingly funny for a writer from the 1800s.

Favorite color?

Favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?
Raphael. I even had a pair of real sais growing up. How geeky is that?

What’s one random skill you possess?
I can ride a unicycle.

Ketchup or mustard?

Can I pet your dog?
If you enjoy getting licked in the face, sure…knock yourself out.


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